iPhone 15 Pro Max Battery Would Be 4422mah, Improvement Over The Previous Series

The iPhone 15 Pro’s biggest battery would be 4422 mAh, which is better than the last series:

According to rumors, the iPhone 15 Pro will have a 3650mAh battery, an increase of 14% over the iPhone 14 Pro’s battery, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a 4852mAh battery, an increase of 12% over the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery. Those figures seemed incredible, and many customers began searching their couches for spare change to use to purchase a new iPhone 15 device.

However, a different tipster has revealed what he claims to be the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s actual battery capacity, and it is incredibly underwhelming in comparison to the information disclosed by the purported Foxconn employee. The Dragon Ball Z villain Majin Bu (no, not him) announced on X (via Wccftech) that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a 4422mAh battery. That would represent a meager 2.3% increase over the battery’s 4323mAh capacity in the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Recall that the alleged Foxconn insider revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s battery would increase by 12% to 4852mAh.

Majin Bu claims that even with the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s disappointing increase in battery size. Users can still anticipate a longer battery life because the A17 Bionic chipset, which powers the device, is produced using a 3nm process node. The size of a chip’s features decreases as the process node gets smaller. As a result, transistors become smaller, enabling more to fit comfortably inside a chip. A chip becomes more powerful and energy-efficient as the number of transistors increases.

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For instance, the 7nm A13 Bionic in the 2019 iPhone 11 line contained 8.5 billion transistors per chip. With the number of transistors inside each A14 Bionic SoC increasing by 38.8% to 11.8 billion. The first A-series chip produced using a 5nm process node was the A14 Bionic, designed for the 2020 iPhone 12. The A15 Bionic chip from 2021. With 15 billion transistors a gain of 27.1% over the A14’s transistor count—powered the iPhone 13 line.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max were powered by the 4nm A16 Bionic in the previous year. It was claimed that each transistor on this chip numbered close to 16 billion. And that introduces the A17-Bionic chip that powers the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The number of transistors on the chip may rise to 18 billion to 20 billion in the only smartphone application processor produced this year using the 3nm process node.

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