Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Has A Large Screen And An Excellent Aspect Ratio

Samsung S24 Ultra Has A Large Screen And An Excellent Aspect Ratio, But The Excessive Bezels Make It Uneasy To Use:

Tweet Reports suggest that Samsung is working on the S24 series, which could be released sometime in 2024. There has been a long wait for this phone, but now substantial rumors about this line of phones are starting to emerge. A recent rumor suggests the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will weigh less than its forerunner. The titanium chassis and 50-megapixel, three-times-magnification telephoto camera are merely bonuses.

This is relatively easy to understand, but a new tip from a reliable source makes it difficult to swallow. Size of the S24 Ultra was reported on Twitter as “162.3mm 79mm 8.6mm” by Ice Universe. According to this tweet, the S24 Ultra will measure in at 162.3mm in length, compared to the 163.4mm of the S23 Ultra.

The source went on to say that its width will be 8.6mm, making it narrower than the S23 Ultra’s 8.9mm profile. The insider shared that the device’s width will increase to 79mm from 78.1mm.

To sum up, S24 Ultra has the potential to be wider in width while being shorter, thinner, and more aerodynamic. The same tipster, in a subsequent tweet, revealed additional information about this device, such as its screen size. The 6.8-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, he said, will feature a resolution of 3120 by 1440 and an aspect ratio of 19.5:9.

At first glance, this may not seem odd; however, when the tipster used this data to render an image of what the screen would look like with the aforementioned screen size, aspect ratio, and dimensions, it revealed a display with significant bezels.

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In a time when manufacturers are racing to produce smartphones with the smallest bezels possible, how can Samsung release its top flagship phone with such large bezels? According to the source, “I think there is a problem with the data,” and “there is a high probability that there will be errors in the screen data.”

So, it’s likely that we can’t put too much faith in these numbers right now. We’ll let you know if we learn anything new about this phone. For now, keep up with The Tech Outlook.

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