Honor V Purse Idea Is A Phone That You Can Fold Up And Carry As A Purse

Honor V foldable purse idea is a phone that can be folded up and carried around like a purse:

It is true that the Honor V Purse is intended to be used as a purse; the design of this product is among the most “out there” that we have seen. Even the chains and straps, which are already chic, can be replaced with something else entirely. This is only a concept device for the time being; however, the project does have some components that are applicable in the real world, which we will go over in a moment.

In spite of the fact that it seems absurd, this is actually a very complex mechanism. When unfolded, it has a thickness of only 9 millimeters, making it thinner than many bar phones and even the Magic V2 in some cases.

A “phy-digital fashion statement” is what Honor means when they talk about something like this. The physically distinct designs of the straps are brought together with the captivating Always On Display styles. The company worked with some of the most talented designers in the industry to develop those AOD styles. These designers include Xiao Hui Wang, the dean of the China Academy of Art International College, Yuan Youmin, the director of menswear design at Burberry, and contemporary artist Yunuene Esparza, among others.

Honor V Purse Idea Is A Phone That You Can Fold Up And Carry As A Purse

Don’t ask when you’ll be able to buy one because, unfortunately, it’s just a concept right now. On the other hand, Honor plans to open up the AOD designs platform so that programmers and designers from all over the world can create their own distinctive appearances.

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The ability of the platform to track touches and have access to the accelerometer and ambient light sensor enables the AOD to respond appropriately to the user and the environment in which it is located. The V Purse may or may not have a bright future, but this is not the end of its story.

Honor did not provide a great deal of information regarding this hardware because it is not intended for mass production. It did state that the hinge that it developed was capable of supporting up to 400,000 fold cycles though. It is interesting to note that the inward folding style has been given the majority of attention in the development of foldable hinges. This is because inward folding hinges are the most common.

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