ASRock PHANTOM Gaming 27″ Budget-Friendly Display

Gaming Displays from ASROCK: Budget-Friendly Options

With competitive alternatives to meet gamers’ expectations, ASRock has recently become a major participant in the gaming display industry. ASRock PHANTOM Gaming 27″ displays are now more affordable for enthusiasts thanks to Newegg’s Fantastech offer, making them even more alluring. These monitors, which range in size from 27 to 34 inches, provide remarkable features and characteristics that will improve the gaming experience.

With its remarkable offers, ASRock, a newer player in the gaming display market, has swiftly attracted notice. As a result of its emphasis on providing high-quality screens at competitive rates, ASRock has gained popularity among gamers. In this post, we’ll look at a few gaming monitor alternatives from ASRock that are presently on sale at Newegg’s Fantastech event.

For E-sports Gamers, ASRock PHANTOM Gaming 27″ Is a Great Deal:

An FHD (1080p) game monitor with a 27″ IPS screen, a refresh rate of 165Hz, and a reaction time of 1ms is the ASRock Phantom game PG27FF1A. This monitor offers handy connecting choices with support for two HDMI 2.0 and a single monitor Port 1.2 input. A smooth gaming experience is guaranteed by the use of AMD’s Freesync Premium technology, and the 178-degree viewing angles offer superb sight. For E-sports players, the PG27FF1A is a fantastic value at just $99 US.

Higher Refresh Rate for Gaming Enthusiasts with ASRock PG27F15RS1A:

The ASRock PG27F15RS1A is a great option for people looking for a gaming display with a faster refresh rate. This display provides supple and fluid pictures with a 27-inch design, FHD resolution, and a refresh rate of up to 240Hz. By minimizing screen tearing and stuttering, the adaptive sync technology improves the entire gaming experience. The built-in speakers offer aural convenience, and the curved shape lends a touch of elegance. The PG27F15RS1A retails for $149.99 US and provides excellent value for the features it has.

PG27Q15R2A and PG32QF2B from ASRock Phantom Gaming Acknowledge the QHD Segment:

With its Phantom Gaming PG27Q15R2A and PG32QF2B models, ASRock serves the QHD market. The PG27Q15R2A, which comes with a 27″ curved VA screen, has AMD Freesync Premium compatibility and a refresh rate of 165Hz. Built-in speakers, a Wi-Fi antenna, and the same display connections as other ASRock PHANTOM Gaming 27″ monitors are also included. The PG27Q15R2A, which costs $164.99 US and has a brightness of 550 Nits, is an alluring option for those looking for realistic gaming graphics.

ASRock PHANTOM Gaming 27" Budget-Friendly Display

At a slightly higher cost of $244.99 US, the PG32QF2B, a 32″ model with a flat VA panel, delivers the same features as the PG27Q15R2A. Both displays cater to gamers who need bigger panels without sacrificing performance and offer an enthralling QHD experience.

Ultimate Gaming Experience: High-End 34″ Designs

The premium gaming monitor lineup from ASRock has two 34″ models with a 3440×1440 WQHD resolution. These screens have a wide viewing field, which makes them perfect for immersive gaming. These screens provide fluid gaming and tear-free graphics thanks to their 165Hz refresh rate and AMD Freesync Premium technology.

Two HDMI 2.0 connectors and one DisplayPort 1.4 port on each display’s inputs ensure compatibility with a range of gadgets. These high-end alternatives, which are available for $294.99 and $349.99 US, respectively, provide gamers with the best performance and visual quality possible.


A variety of accessible alternatives for gamers have emerged as a result of ASRock’s foray into the gaming display industry. ASRock has a display for every gamer, from the affordable PG27FF1A to the luxurious 34″ models. These displays are even more alluring because of the lowered pricing offered during Newegg’s Fantastech sale. ASRock gaming displays are ready to enchant the gaming community with features like high refresh rates, AMD Freesync Premium compatibility, and immersive visual effects.

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