Google Release of Android 14 Beta 4, Claim Fixes All Bug

Release of Android 14 Beta 4 by Google: New Developments and What to Expect

The announcement by Google Release of Android 14 Beta 4 is now available has raised the level of expectation for the next significant version of the Android operating system. With an anticipated official debut in August, the most recent beta release of Android 14 indicates that the final, stable version is just around the corner. The new features and enhancements that arrive with this widely awaited version are keenly anticipated by both Android aficionados and developers.

Announcing Android 14 Beta 4:

After months of intensive testing and bug-fixing, Google’s Android 14 Beta 4 is out, offering a more polished and refined build. The rollout, which was originally scheduled for July 5, was somewhat postponed owing to the holiday but is now accessible for Pixel devices that qualify, beginning with the Pixel 4a (5G).

Depending on the device, the beta release. With the build number UPB4.230623.005, has the most recent July security updates and is about 200MB in size. A better and more consistent user experience is ensured by the profusion of bug fixes and system improvements included in this release.

What has Android 14 Beta 4 added?

The fourth beta of Android 14 tackles a wide range of developer-reported problems with the goal of enhancing the operating system’s general functionality and performance. Some of the significant fixes in this release include the following:

Google Release of Android 14 Beta 4, Claim Fixes All Bug
  1. Quick Settings and Notifications:

One of the problems that was fixed was Quick Settings tiles and alerts not working until the device was reset. Users should anticipate a more dependable and smooth notification experience with this upgrade.

  1. VoIP applications and audio capturing

VoIP applications no longer stop recording audio while the screen is closed or the app is running in the background, which was a problem in the past. The user experience is improved by this update, which guarantees uninterrupted audio recording during VoIP calls.

  1. The display and always-on mode:

The display of the music that is presently playing has been fixed while switching from the always-on display mode to the lock screen. Now, users may switch between these modes more easily and without any visual hiccups.

4. Battery performance and charging:

In order to provide a more dependable and consistent charging experience, the Android 14 Beta 4 fixes charging-related problems. Improvements in battery performance are also anticipated, which will optimize power usage and increase device uptime.

  1. System Performance and Stability:

The update resolves issues with boot loops, and sluggish system UI components during mode changes. And unresponsive Picture-in-Picture (PiP) windows while using specific programs in PiP mode and locking the screen. These improvements help the system run more steadily and quickly.

  1. A number of Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

There are several other bug fixes and stability enhancements in Android 14 Beta 4. These vary from correcting issues with TalkBack accessibility and fingerprint enrollment failures during device rotation to addressing difficulties. With the lock screen background and subpar UI animations in the launcher. Google has worked hard to fix user-reported concerns, resulting in a more streamlined and dependable user experience.

How to Achieve Stable Release?

Google is getting closer to the stable release of Android 14 with the release of Android 14 Beta 4. Notably, the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet devices may now access this beta update as well. Users have the option to sign up for the beta program. Giving them access to early updates and the ability to try out the new features before the stable release.

Android 14 Beta 4 is probably the second-to-last beta build before the stable release, going by recent release patterns. Google appears to be following a similar pattern this year when compared to the chronology of Android 13. Where Beta 4 was published in early July and the stable version came in August.


Google has released Android 14 Beta 4, bringing the stable release of Android 14 closer to reality. Android fans and developers may celebrate. A better and more reliable user experience is ensured by the considerable bug fixes and system improvements included in this beta release. Android users can anticipate exciting new features and enhancements. That will enhance their entire Android experience with the release of the stable version, which is anticipated in August.

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