Xiaomi 14 Codenames Merge Chinese Folklore With Sophisticated Tech

Chinese Mythology And Cutting-edge Technology Combine In The Xiaomi 14 Codenames:

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is generating buzz in the smartphone industry as it prepares to unveil its latest flagship models. According to a tipster on Weibo Xiaomi 14 Codenames, Digital Chat Station, Xiaomi’s upcoming devices will be named “Houji” and “Shennong.” These intriguing codenames draw inspiration from Chinese mythology and indicate a continuation of the cultural theme that started with the Xiaomi 13 series.

Continuing the Trend of Chinese Mythology Codenames:

Xiaomi has a history of using codenames rooted in mythology to represent its smartphone series. The shift towards Chinese mythology began with the Xiaomi 13 series and is set to continue with the Xiaomi 14 series. By incorporating revered figures from Chinese lore into its product names, Xiaomi strengthens its cultural connection with its primary consumer base.

The codename “Houji” references the Yellow Emperor’s great-grandson, who played a crucial role in the development of agriculture. Similarly, “Shennong” pays homage to the Yan Emperor, renowned for his significant contributions to farming techniques and agriculture. These codenames indicate that the Xiaomi 14 series will focus on enhancing user experience, design aesthetics, and exceptional Leica imaging.

Key Specifications and Features:

Several key specifications for the Xiaomi 14 series have been hinted at, building excitement among tech enthusiasts. The devices will reportedly offer impressive camera capabilities to cater to photography enthusiasts. The front-facing camera is expected to support 4K video recording, ensuring high-resolution video calls and stunning selfies. On the rear, users can anticipate a periscope lens with powerful zooming capabilities.

Xiaomi 14 Codenames Merge Chinese Folklore With Sophisticated Tech

The Xiaomi 14 will come equipped with a periscope lens featuring 3.9x optical zoom and a focal length of 90mm, while the Xiaomi 14 Pro will elevate the zooming capabilities with a periscope lens supporting 5x optical zoom and a focal length of 115mm. These specifications promise exceptional photography experiences, allowing users to capture detailed images even from a distance.

Powerful Performance and Battery Life:

Beyond its impressive camera features, the Xiaomi 14 Pro will pack a punch in terms of performance. It will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor (SM8650), ensuring powerful performance and efficient multitasking. The device will boast a substantial 5000mAh battery, providing extended usage without compromising on power.

To enhance user convenience, the Xiaomi 14 Pro will support fast charging. Users will have the option of either 90W or 120W charging capabilities, enabling them to quickly recharge their devices. Additionally, wireless charging at 50W will be available, providing an efficient and convenient charging method for users.

Display Options:

Rumors suggest that the Xiaomi 14 series will offer display variants with both flat and curved edges, catering to different user preferences. The availability of different display options ensures that users can select a design that suits their style and usage requirements.


Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship models, “Houji” and “Shennong,” continue the tradition of incorporating Chinese mythology into their smartphone series. With a focus on enriching user experience, design aesthetics, and exceptional camera capabilities, the Xiaomi 14 series aims to captivate smartphone enthusiasts. By combining powerful performance, impressive battery life, and convenient charging options, Xiaomi is set to deliver a flagship experience that meets the needs of its discerning consumers.

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