Samsung Galaxy S24 Will Debut Next Tear Under The Codename “Muse”

The Inside Story on Samsung’s Upcoming Flagship Phones, the Galaxy S24 Series

Although the Galaxy S23 dominated the smartphone market, Samsung is already preparing for its upcoming major release. Samsung’s forthcoming flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, has been revealed in complete detail thanks to an exciting partnership between GalaxyClub and SamMobile. Please keep your eyes peeled as we uncover the internal codenames and give you a sneak preview of what to expect from these eagerly awaited gadgets.

Introduction: The Galaxy S23’s Phantastic Success:

Samsung recently unveiled the highly praised Galaxy S23, which spread like wildfire among fans of smartphones all over the world. Users were enthralled by its cutting-edge features, potent performance, and svelte appearance, which cemented Samsung’s leadership in the industry. With the Galaxy S24 soon to be released, Samsung wants to set an even higher standard.

Samsung’s High-End Phone Codenaming Tradition:

Samsung has a long history of giving its high-end smartphone series unique codenames. These codenames provide the gadgets a sense of mystique while also serving as internal references throughout the development phase. The Galaxy S20 series’ “Hubble,” the Galaxy S21 series’ “Unbound,” the Galaxy S22 series’ “Rainbow,” and the Galaxy S23 series’ “Diamond” are previous instances.

The Galaxy S24 Series is now available: codename “Muse”

Exclusive details on the Galaxy S24 series’ internal codename have been provided by GalaxyClub and SamMobile. The future flagship phones are referred to as “Muse” jointly. Samsung used this name to allude to the new features and gorgeous designs that users may expect. It also evokes a sense of creative inspiration.

The Trio: the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra

Three versions are anticipated to be part of the Galaxy S24 series: the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. These gadgets will accommodate distinct user preferences and offer a variety of alternatives to suit different requirements. These models have been given the codenames “Muse1,” “Muse2,” and “Muse3,” respectively.

Dispel rumors: The Galaxy S24+ is still available:

Rumors that Samsung would drop the “Plus” variant for this iteration circulated amid the frenzy around the Galaxy S24 series. But we can certainly state that Samsung does have big plans for the Galaxy S24+. Samsung will continue to sell a “Plus” edition, which will be welcome news to fans of the bigger form factor.

Introducing the Standout Feature of the Galaxy S24 Ultra:

We have exciting news about the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but exact data concerning the Galaxy S24’s specs are still lacking. The impressive telephoto camera on this flagship model will have a 5x optical zoom. Smartphone photographers and photography fans will both like the improved skills to capture distant scenes with remarkable clarity and detail.

The Official Launch Approaching: What to Expect?

It seems sense that we would be interested in knowing what new features and characteristics Samsung has in store for us as we anxiously anticipate the official release of the Galaxy S24 series. Based on previous releases, we may anticipate Samsung to provide additional details regarding the hardware’s appearance, display, processing speed, camera features, and software upgrades. A swarm of interesting announcements and leaks is anticipated to occur in the first few weeks of 2024, raising expectations among smartphone fans all around the world.


Samsung is preparing to release the Galaxy S24 series, which will continue to advance smartphone technology. The internal codename “Muse” alludes to the idea that these gadgets would serve as users’ sources of creativity and invention. The excitement for the formal unveiling is growing as it approaches, and we can’t help but wonder how Samsung will top the already outstanding Galaxy S23. The Galaxy S24 series will wow customers with its cutting-edge features, breathtaking appearance, and unmatched performance, that is clear.

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