Realme Pad 2 Is Certified By The Fcc And Has A Large 8360mah Battery

FCC Sighting of the Realme Pad 2 Points to an Upcoming Launch:

We reported on a new Realme tablet earlier this week when it appeared on the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). The company’s Realme Pad 2 model, which has just received FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification, is the tablet in question. Let’s take a look at some of the significant criteria that this certification reveals.

Recently, the Realme Pad 2 appeared in the FCC listing with the RMP2205 model number, which corresponds to the earlier BIS listing. While precise specs have not yet been made public, the FCC certification provides information on the tablet’s battery and charging capabilities, providing us with a preview of what to expect from this much-awaited tablet.

An Effective Battery Improvement:

The battery capacity of the Pad 2 is one of its key improvements. The Realme Pad 2 will have a larger battery than the first Realme Pad (Review), which had a 7,100mAh capacity. The Realme Pad 2 will have an astounding 8,360mAh battery pack, according to the FCC filing. By reducing the need for regular charging, this increased capacity assures longer usage and improves the entire user experience.

Fast Charging With Lightning:

The Pad 2 not only has a bigger battery, but it also has quicker charging capabilities. The Pad will enable 33W fast charging, which is a big upgrade over its predecessor’s 18W fast charging functionality, according to the FCC report. Users may anticipate quicker charging times and more convenience with this development, ensuring that their tablet is always ready to use.

Realme Pad 2 Is Certified By The Fcc And Has A Large 8360mah Battery

A Sleek Style:

In addition to battery and charging information, the Realme Pad 2’s design may be seen through the FCC certification sighting. The drawings included with the offering depict a tablet with a circular camera module on the back. The Pad 2 will also have rounded edges on all four sides, which will enhance its visual attractiveness and ergonomic design. These design components help create a contemporary and aesthetically appealing tablet that is also fashionable and cozy to carry.


The FCC certification sighting of the Pad 2 has provided us with a preview of what to anticipate from this future tablet. Realme appears to be addressing some of the main areas for improvement compared to its predecessor. With a higher battery capacity, quicker charging, and an appealing appearance. It will be interesting to see the full range of features and characteristics. That the Realme Pad 2 has to offer when more information becomes available.

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