Realme GT 5 Has Leaked Before Released, Probably a 6.74-inch 1.5K Display

Realme Gt 5 Was Leaked Before It Was Released, And It Could Have A 6.74-inch 1.5K Display:

Realme is preparing to release the Realme GT 5 Has Leaked Before Released to compete fiercely with these smartphones. It has been confirmed that this smartphone has 24 GB of RAM and up to 1TB of internal storage. Additionally, 240 W fast charging is confirmed to be supported by this smartphone.

The most recent information concerns a picture of the Realme GT 5 Has Leaked Before Released by the information known as Digital Chat Station. Although its image has been leaked before, the most recent one shows the phone in more detail than previous ones.

According to the image, it will have a curved display with minimal bezels. It is anticipated to have an AMOLED screen. The front camera will be located in a punch hole on the display, as shown in the image. The smartphone will have a 1.5 K resolution display, according to a tip shared on Weibo, and its “body texture is better than most flagship phones.”

The tipster responded “Soon, soon, this month” when a user tried to inquire about the launch. So that we can see it in the days to come. In response to a question regarding the screen size, the tipster stated that it will have a 6.74-inch 1.5K display. The display would therefore be roughly a 6.74-inch 1.5K curved AMOLED display with a punch-hole camera.

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According to reports, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC will power it. Many details about this smartphone, most importantly its release date, have not yet been disclosed by the company. But the business can do so quickly.

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