Huawei Nova 12 Series Coming Soon With Latest Kirin 830 Chip

The Huawei Nova 12 series is equipped with the latest Kirin 830 chip:

Huawei Nova 12 Series Coming Soon With Latest Kirin 830 Chip. Huawei has just introduced two new lines of flagship smartphones: the foldable Huawei Mate X5 and the Mate 60 family of phones. These handsets are noteworthy since they are the first Huawei phones to feature 5G capabilities after the United States imposed sanctions against the company. It is predicted that the firm would in the near future offer additional handsets that are capable of 5G at various price points. There are a number of reports going around that the business is now working on the Nova 12 range of smartphone products. In addition to this, it has been speculated that the Nova 12 may ship with an all-new Kirin processor.

The Nova 11 lineup, which was introduced earlier on in this year, is available in a few different iterations. The Nova 11i, the Nova 11, the Nova 11 Pro, and the Nova 11 Ultra are included in this group. Nova 11i utilizes the Snapdragon 680 4G chip, while the other models make use of the Snapdragon 778G 4G chip instead. It suggests that the business may convert to using its own Kirin processors for the next generation of the Nova 12 series.

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According to the information provided by a Chinese source, the Kirin 830 chipset will be incorporated into the upcoming Nova model, which will be part of the Nova 12 series. The rumor has it that the chip will be quite similar to the Kirin 9000s, although it will have less cores. He went on to say that the price of the Nova 12 series would be roughly equivalent to that of the Nova 1 series. This new device will be equipped with a number of special features that are distinguishable from those found on the flagship Mate 60 series of smartphones. There is currently no information available regarding the characteristics of the Nova 12 product portfolio.

In addition to the Nova 12 series of smartphones, it’s probable that Huawei may unveil new MatePad tablets as well as a Pocket-series clamshell phone. It is predicted that these smartphones will contain chipsets manufactured by Kirin.

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