Redmi K60 Ultra Coming Soon With 24G RAM and 1TB Storage

Officially Teasing 24GB RAM and 1TB Storage, the Design of the Redmi K60 Ultra has Been Unveiled:

On August 14, Xiaomi will host an event for the launch of its newest smartphone, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3. A recent teaser posted on Weibo suggests that the company will also introduce the Redmi K60 Ultra at the same time as the foldable smartphone.

The teaser has shed light on a great deal of information regarding the smartphone, such as the layout of its storage space, the design of its display, and the technical specifications of its screen. According to a number of images that have been made public by the company, the physical design of the product consists of a squared-off body with corners that are only marginally rounded. In most cases, this is done to make the experience of holding the smartphone more pleasant. On the back, there is a camera island in the shape of a square that houses all three of the device’s cameras. There are three cutouts total: two large ones and two smaller ones off to the side.

Redmi K60 Ultra Coming Soon With 24G RAM and 1TB Storage

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The teasers make it clear that the device will have a display with a resolution of 1.5K and a refresh rate of 144Hz. It will also have a maximum brightness of 2600 nits and ultra-high frequency PWM dimming at 2880Hz. According to yet another teaser, the device will also be available with storage capacities of up to 1 terabyte (TB) of UFS 4.0 and up to 24 gigabytes (GB) of LDDR5x RAM. Additionally, the smartphone will have water resistance to the level of IP68, which indicates that it can withstand immersion in water up to a depth of 1.5 meters for approximately 30 minutes.

A MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ processor, which has a score of over 1.77 million on AnTuTu, has been hinted at as powering the smartphone. This score indicates that the smartphone will be very capable.

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