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iPhone 15 Pro Max World Thinnest Bezels Smartphone

The smallest bezels ever on the iPhone 15 Pro Max:

New leaks and rumors are showing up online as interest in Apple’s impending flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max grows. iPhone 15 Pro Max World Thinnest Bezels Smartphone, The tiniest bezels ever seen on an iPhone, according to one of the most recent leaks, may be found on this upcoming gadget. Let’s explore what is currently known about this much-awaited gadget.

Disclosing the Plan:

Curved Bezels: The iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature smaller bezels than its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, according to well-known leaker Ice Universe, who has a track record of making correct forecasts. According to the same source, the new phone will even surpass the Xiaomi 13, which now holds the record for having the thinnest bezels at 1.81mm.

Look Inspired by the Apple Watch:

The phone will feature lovely, tiny bezels, according to renders and photographs of an iPhone 15 Pro Max screen protector posted by Ice Universe. Additionally, curved bezels are anticipated to give the gadget an Apple Watch-like design; ShrimpApplePro, another trustworthy leaker, already stated as much.

Features of the rumored iPhone 15 Pro Max:

Enhanced Camera Performance: 48MP Main Camera:

Even while a flagship phone can’t be defined by its bezels alone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is said to have a number of additional advantages over its predecessor. One of the biggest improvements is the primary camera’s purported 48MP resolution, which may even surpass the top Android camera phones currently on the market. iPhone 15 Pro Max World Thinnest Bezels Smartphone.

Periscope Camera:

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is quite likely to have a periscope camera in addition to the 48MP primary camera. The next iPhone would stand out from the competitors’ thanks to this innovation, which would provide customers with even more sophisticated photographic capabilities.

A17 New Chipset:

New chipset rumors also surround the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. These gadgets would be more effective and powerful than ever if they used Apple’s impending A17 CPU, according to some rumors.

Action Button With Programmability:

Another intriguing rumor states that the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro Max will take the place of the conventional mute switch. Users would have greater possibilities for customizing their gadgets as a result.

Design Modifications:

Titanium Frame: According to Apple rumors, the Pro versions of the iPhone 15 series would include a titanium frame, which would increase the handsets’ strength and luxury appearance.

iPhone 15 Pro Max World Thinnest Bezels Smartphone

Measurements and thickness:

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s actual measurements are still a mystery, although it is anticipated that they will be somewhat narrower and taller than those of its predecessors. It is anticipated to be around 5% thicker, which could make it easier to hold and feel more sturdy.

Camera Configuration:

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s greater thickness may lead to a less protruding camera configuration. The gadget could become more aesthetically pleasing and stable when used on flat surfaces thanks to this design update.

What’s Not Coming:- Solid-State Buttons:

Sadly, earlier speculations that claimed the iPhone 15 series will include solid-state volume and power buttons were unfounded. Apple decided against including these buttons in the forthcoming smartphones due to their increased price and production complexity.

launching anticipations:

In September, the iPhone 15 series, which includes the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is anticipated to be unveiled. As usual, tech experts and Apple fans alike are anticipating the formal announcement to see which of these speculations and leaks will come to pass.

In conclusion, the iPhone 15 Pro Max aims to add a number of new features and advancements to Apple’s flagship range, including the iPhone’s narrowest bezels yet. This handset is ready to have a big influence on the smartphone industry with its alleged camera enhancements, new CPU, and design tweaks.


  1. What day is the upcoming launch of the iPhone 15 Pro Max?
    In September, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is anticipated to be unveiled.
  2. Will the iPhone 15 Pro Max have the smallest iPhone bezels ever?
    The iPhone 15 Pro Max is anticipated to have the narrowest bezels yet, even narrower than those on the Xiaomi 13, iPhone 15 Pro Max World Thinnest Bezels Smartphone, according to recent leaks and reports.
  3. What alleged camera improvements are expected with the iPhone 15 Pro Max?
    For sophisticated photographic capabilities, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is anticipated to contain a 48MP primary camera and a periscope camera.
  4. What is the speculated iPhone 15 Pro Max chipset?
    According to reports, Apple’s next A17 chipset might power the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  5. Will the solid-state buttons be on the iPhone 15 Pro Max?
    Due to greater prices and more difficult production processes, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is not anticipated to have solid-state volume and power buttons, contrary to past speculations.

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