Vivo X90s And iQOO 11s Have Been Leaked

Launch schedules for the Vivo X90s and iQOO 11s have been leaked by Vivo and iQOO:

Two well-known smartphone manufacturers, Vivo and iQOO, have lately made news with their plans to release new models of their products. Vivo X90s And iQOO 11s Have Been Leaked; Even though the highly anticipated Vivo X90s and iQOO 11s models have yet to get official announcements, a new leak on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo has provided some insight into the potential launch schedule.

Launch Dates for the Vivo X90s and iQOO 11s Have Been Leaked:

The leak was provided by a dependable Weibo tipper with a history of giving precise information. The leak indicates that the iQOO 11s will launch in July, while the Vivo X90s is anticipated to go on sale later this month. Although the informant withheld the precise launch dates, this leak is consistent with our prior news on the iQOO 11s introduction in China.

Details of the Vivo X90s:

The next Vivo X90s’s important characteristics are also revealed by the leak. It has been reported that the MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ SoC would power the smartphone. This information matches the most recent TENAA sighting, which gives the leak even more validity. While the Vivo X90s’s additional specifications are unknown, it is certain that it will be a high-end gadget with first-rate features.

Information about iQOO 11s:

Vivo X90s And iQOO 11s Have Been Leaked

According to the leak, the iQOO 11s would be powered by Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2 CPU. The gadget is anticipated to have improved performance and efficiency thanks to its strong CPU. Furthermore, according to the leak, the iQOO 11s will be capable of amazing 200W rapid charging, enabling users to swiftly recharge their cellphones while on the go. Vivo X90s And iQOO 11s Have Been Leaked.

Worldwide Accessibility:

Although the leak provides useful information on the launch date and technical details of these devices, it makes no mention of their universal accessibility. The availability of the Vivo X90s and iQOO 11s in foreign countries and its exclusivity to China are still up in the air. We’ll have to wait for additional information before learning more about their global availability.


The timing for the debut of the Vivo X90s and iQOO 11 has been leaked, which has caused a lot of enthusiasm among fans of smartphones. Vivo X90s And iQOO 11s Have Been Leaked, The next smartphones are anticipated to provide remarkable features and characteristics because Vivo and iQOO are recognized for their cutting-edge technology and high-quality gadgets. Stay tuned for further information and formal announcements from Vivo and iQOO as the launch dates approach.

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