The Most Popular Bike Brand in Bangladesh

At present, the most popular bike means of transportation for the people of Bangladesh. So many well-known motorcycle brands in the world have been doing business here for a long time in Bangladesh. Some of these brands have gained a lot of popularity among the people of this country. So let’s find out about some of the most popular bike brands and prices in Bangladesh.

Most Popular Bike Brand in Bangladesh


The most popular motorcycle brand in the market of Bangladesh is Bajaj. It is an Indian company and also the largest motorcycle brand in India. Although not many models for CC limit are available in the market of Bangladesh, almost all the models available in Bangladesh have become very popular in the country.

Especially since 2000, Bajaj motorcycles have been used with a reputation. A big reason for the popularity of these bikes is the long-term durability, high-quality design, and very affordable fuel service that attract all bikers to Bajaj bikes. Also, since these bikes are scattered all over Bangladesh, there is no problem of spare parts anywhere and motor mechanics of almost all places can provide these bikes very well.

Some of the most popular Bajaj motorcycle most series are Bajaj Pulsar, Bajaj Discover, Bajaj Platinum and Bajaj City. Bajaj bikes are available in the range of 90,000 – 254,900 taka.


Yamaha has gained a lot of popularity in the current market in a very short time. It is a Japanese motorcycle company whose response has a wide reputation around the world. Even a few years ago, there was not much of a showroom for Yamaha bikes, but now there are Yamaha showrooms in almost every district of Bangladesh.

Yamaha has the best bikes in all of them, combining the comfort of their bikes, the great speed with a smooth engine and exceptional braking performance, as well as fuel efficiency. Also the design of Yamaha bike is one of the best designs in the country. The Yamaha R15, FZ and Fazer series bikes are considered to be the best bikes for roads in Bangladesh in all respects.

The build quality performance and spare parts of these bikes have made it all great. Yamaha Bike Service Centers are also much more available in almost every part of the country. Yamaha Authorized Service Centers as well as many mechanics in the country can provide very good service to the bikes so you don’t have to worry about anything. Yamaha bikes will be available for between 124,900 to 535,000 Taka.


Not only in Bangladesh but all over the world, Honda’s popularity cannot be overstated. Honda has won the hearts of the world many years ago with its sustainable and uninterrupted performance. Before this era, Honda’s golden age was gone and its popularity was so high that the name of this brand could be heard in people’s mouths. The Honda CBR, Hornet, Livo and Shine are the most popular models among the people of Bangladesh.

No one can question the durability of Honda bikes. It has also become one of the top performers in terms of engine quality, speed and modern design. The price of the Honda bike depends on the version of different countries. The Honda bikes are available in Bangladesh range in price from 89,900 to 550,000 Taka.


TVS is an Indian motorcycle company whose popularity is very high among the young generation of Bangladesh. TVS is said to be the most affordable motorcycle brand. This is because they offer high-speed motorcycles at the lowest prices which have made them very popular among the younger generation.

Some of the popular models of TVS are Apache RTR, Metro Plus, Stryker, etc. TVS bikes also have a great reputation for attractive designs and powerful engines. At present, the popularity of TVS is so high that bikes of this brand can be seen on every road in the country, so there is no need to worry about its spare parts. Bangladeshi prices of TVS bikes range from 99,900-186,900.


Although Suzuki is a Japanese brand, it has become one of the most popular motorcycle brands in the world. These bikes are famous for their high speed, great design, powerful engine, super-duper braking. Suzuki is a popular brand among the youth of Bangladesh. Some of the most popular series of Suzuki bikes are the Suzuki Gixxer, Hayate and the Suzuki SF series. Spare parts for these bikes are also available almost everywhere. The price range for Suzuki bikes is from 94,950 to 350,000 Taka.

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