Honor 90 Series Received 3C Certification

Honor’s 90 Series Launch to Feature 100W Fast Charging and 200MP Camera

Are you anticipating Honor’s next 90 series release? The Honor 90 (REA-AN00) and the Honor 90 Pro (REP-AN00), the company’s newest smartphones, are about to be released, according to recent news. Regarding the charging capabilities of future smartphones, the China 3C certification has revealed some promising advancements. The Honor 90 series’ charging capabilities, new features, and specs will all be covered in this article.

The Most Recent Honor 90 Series Developments:

The Honor 90 (REA-AN00) and Honor 90 Pro (REP-AN00) smartphones have received 3C certification, which confirms that they will have potent charging capabilities of up to 100W. Users may thus anticipate lightning-quick charging times for their gadgets. The gadgets just underwent MIIT certification as well.

Popular leaker DigitalChatStation revealed details on the Honor 90 Pro, including the fact that it would support the new 20V 4.5A (90) turbocharging protocol. Users will be able to recharge their phone’s battery remarkably quickly thanks to this function.

Charger & Charging Capability of the Honor 90 Pro:

The Honor 90 Pro will have an HN-200500C05/C06 model charger with a 100W maximum output, according to the 3C certification, while the Honor 90 will have an HN-110600C00/C01/C02 supported charger with a 66W maximum output. Due to their backward charging compatibility, both devices will be adaptable and practical to use.

Impressive Specs of the 90 Series from Honor:

Honor has given the next smartphones some excellent specifications in addition to the charging capability. It is anticipated that the Honor 90 and 90 Pro would both have screens with a resolution of 1.5K or higher. The newest 5G Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor will power the smartphones, providing exceptional performance.

Honor 90 Series Received 3C Certification

200MP Samsung HP3 ISOCELL Camera for the Honor 90 Pro:

The 200MP Samsung HP3 ISOCELL camera on the Honor 90 Pro, though, maybe the most intriguing advancement. This is a huge improvement over the previous model’s 160MP camera. And it will unquestionably provide customers with great photography skills. But it’s still unclear how the business will make use of this remarkable camera technology.

What Date Will the Honor 90 Series Be Released?

Even while Honor hasn’t officially announced when the 90 series will be on sale, prior leaks indicate that it might come this month or early the next year.

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